Back to School Safety in Summerville

Dr. Katy Ronin with Coastal Pediatric Associates in Summerville sat down to talk with us this past week and shared some great tips for getting our kids back to school. Dr. Ronin feels it is important for children to get back to the daily routines and rituals they thrive upon. This includes getting back to school. She says it is important to keep a few considerations in mind in order to provide the safest environment possible for our precious little ones.

Face coverings

  • Face coverings should be worn at all times when social distancing is not possible.

  • They should cover the nose and mouth, fit comfortably but snugly against the side of the face, and be secured with ear loops or ties. Watch this video for a demonstration.

  • When worn correctly, they are safe to wear for the duration of the school day. Some exceptions are:
    • Children under 2 years.
    • Anyone who is unable to remove a covering on their own .
    • Note: children with well-controlled asthma can safely wear masks. If your child has asthma and you have hesitancies about returning to in-person school or you’re concerned your child’s symptoms are not well controlled, talk with your pediatrician or asthma specialist before opting for virtual or home school.
  • Help young children face fears of wearing face coverings by:
    • Drawing one on their favorite character.
    • Placing one on a favorite stuffed animal.
    • Being a role model! Practice wearing face coverings together.
    • Personalizing or decorating masks to make them more exciting to wear.
    • Remember to have faith; over time, masks will become part of a normal routine - just like other important safety measures children adjust to like helmets and seatbelts.

Hygiene Tips

  • Teach children to wash hands frequently, especially before putting on/taking off masks.
  • Practice avoidance of touching faces or face coverings.
  • Wash and dry face coverings after each use.
  • Pack lunches to avoid unnecessary contacts and exposures.
  • Masks should be removed when eating or drinking.

Routine health care

  • The team at Coastal Pediatric Associates encourages all parents and caregivers to make sure all health maintenance is up-to-date. This includes wellness exams, immunizations (especially the flu vaccine), vision and hearing screenings.
  • Coastal Pediatric Associates will be having their yearly flu clinic soon, so be on the lookout so you and your family can receive the flu shot.

For more information, please visit or, a great resource for parents and caregivers to get the most up-to-date information on children’s health, development and safety concerns.