Local Doctor Offers Patient-Centered House Call Chiropractic Care in a Fully Mobile Clinic

A Summerville resident for over 30 years, Greg Turpin DC brings mobile chiropractic care to the community, in an effort to ease anxiety and worry surrounding doctor visits and insure safe and affordable chiropractic care in changing times.


Summerville, April 20, 2021 — ProMotion Chiropractic and Therapeutics - a mobile chiropractic clinic - is offering a new approach to chiropractic care. Although mobile chiropractic is not a new concept, there are currently no other self-contained mobile clinics in the Charleston area. Historically, in-home doctor visits accounted for nearly 40% of patient care until the 1970s, but from the 1980s through today, patients have found themselves fighting traffic, waiting for appointments and missing work to get to the doctor. Seeing an opportunity to address this vacancy, Greg implemented a fully mobile practice in order to allay current anxiety surrounding doctor visits and to address the changing infrastructure in the area.

Greg graduated from College of Charleston in 1997 with a Bachelor’s Degree in Theater and completed his pre-med requirements at Trident Technical College. Before becoming a chiropractor, he worked on local film and theater productions and for the Spoleto Festival USA, building sets and as a stage manager. He attended Texas Chiropractic College in Houston, where he graduated as Valedictorian of his class. 

Greg and his wife, Tammy, purchased a 35-foot shuttle bus in late 2020 and set about converting the inside into a functioning office, using reclaimed wood and repurposed materials and utilizing the skills acquired from years at the Theater department at College of Charleston. The mobile clinic functions exactly like a traditional doctor’s office, with the exception that patients don’t have to travel farther than their driveway or workplace parking lot to see the doctor. Additionally, the clinic uses HIPAA compliant EHR cloud software, which allows the staff to schedule appointments, accept insurance, take copays and update files at the location. 

“Much of the common but not normal chronic pain that our patients experience results from lack of motion. A chiropractor’s goal is to increase range of motion, so all chiropractic is pro motion. I believe that restoring functional movement in the body is key to living a pain free life,” says Greg. “My goal is to make things easy for patients, delivering expert and affordable care that will help them feel better, so that they can do the daily activities that make them happy. We accept most insurance plans, and our prices are competitive with other chiropractic offices in the area, the only difference being that we bring the clinic to you.”

Greg has seen the need for safe, convenient and economical mobile chiropractic care in the Summerville community and is currently accepting new patients, as well as inquiries from businesses who would like to offer onsite wellness to employees, which has been shown to increase employee retention, boost morale, and decrease healthcare costs. 

For more information please visit ProMotionDC.com.

Greg is happy to talk and can be reached directly at 843-270-7014 by phone or text and email at greg@ProMotionDC.com.